Be a Woman by Giselle Kassatly

The fact that you are reading this book means that you are planning or already working on yourself to become a better person. It is a journey to help you reconnect with your core and find a good mate by becoming a more realized being. It will help you to discover the better version of yourself.
I will provide you with mindset tools to transform your physical body, intellect and soul into a healthy empowered gleaming self What are you looking for is already inside of you and I am here only to remind you of your power and potency.
I will share with you some of the experiences and acquired benefits, by giving real life examples which covers the stages that a woman goes through, from finding a healthy romantic relationship to menopause. Other topics include marriage, divorce, children, spirituality, aging gracefully, etc.
Many women live their lives struggling against the current. They often try to control many aspects of their lives that are not in their control. This book is about acceptance. It aims to help them embrace their uniqueness and tap into their potential.